Fyremane Earthworks – Building stuff…

In my previous posts I’ve talked about some new games that I want to have a go at – Frostgrave, This Is Not A Test, Relicblade etc – but the thing is…

Being a commission painter I paint a lot of miniatures (shock horror!) but have not really explored terrain and the boards that the miniatures that I paint populate. So… if I want to play the games above I’m going to have to build me some terrain!

Handily, all of the games that I want to play are incredibly terrain heavy BUT fairly interchangeable between them all. A frost covered Frostgrave hill can equally be used in Relicblade. Wooden beaten up sheds and barns etc that are used in TNT can be used in Frostgrave.

I’m a bit believer in ‘if you do it, do it properly’ so with that in mind I decided to go whole hog. I’m going to post all of my terrain and scenery related stuff under the heading of Fyremane Earthworks.


Now, I am also aware that there are A LOT of other channels and pages that do this kind of thing. I hope I can bring something to the table… if anything it’ll show you how NOT to do stuff as I fumble my way round building terrain and scenery!

I’m going to do this as a slow burn, I’ll take my time and only pass on what I think is a) relevant and b) interesting. For the time being there will be no video but I will be taking heaps of photos and posting projects for you to follow along to if you want!

I’ll also be drawing inspiration and ideas from all across the internet, like I said there is no shortage of YouTube channels and pages. If I get a specific idea or method from someone else I will of course give them the credit. For starters you can’t go wrong taking a look at either Luke’s Afforrdable Painting Service or TheTerrainTutor.

Anyway, this all came about because I had a blast making these things…

…and I certainly want to explore this side of the hobby more. The rock formations and walls are simple and cheap to make and will serve as line of sight blockers and cover. Carving them out of the blue foam and waiting for various layers to dry were the longest parts of the job! Super simple to make… I’ll post a step by step soon.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled and hopefully I’ll have a fully formed gaming table setup with multiple options in the future!

For regular updates I am on Facebook and Twitter  (both searchable with FyremaneBW) so please link and share to your hearts content!

Keep your paints thin and your brushes pointy!





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