Relicblade…now in (almost) full colour

I’ve had Relicblade for a week or two now and have managed to put some solid work into painting everything up.

For those that missed it… Relicblade is a small miniature count skirmish battle game – I did a bit of a review/why I love it here.

And so, the miniatures…

First up are the Knights…

I wanted them to look different to each other as I see both of them being on the game table at the same time. With a few different item cards and potions etc they can be played in different ways so I wanted them to stand apart colour-wise. And who doesn’t like a bronze Knight?

Then there was the Cave Bear…

…and who doesn’t need one of these on their team!

Of course you can’t have a bear without the other half of that team, the Wild Elf Druid! Plus one of the two Thieves completed too. I like how they ended up being a reflection of each other. The Druid is bright where the Thief is a lot more subdued.

And apparently this is actually a girl! A dragon Cleric and her/his Spirit Hammer

Plus it wouldn’t be a good guy/bad guy game without the bad guys! The Pigmen cometh…

Of course, this being Relicblade I decided to make up some terrain… Mostly simple blue foam etc but they all worked out pretty well in my opinion

So that’s all for the time being. I’ve got two Dark Watchers and one more Thief to then the gangs all here!

Anyway, if you like this please like it and share with anyone who might be interested! I’m also on Facebook and Twitter under @FyremaneBW

Keep your brushes pointy!




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