FEW – Dragonfate Dais – Part 1

The first project for Fyremane Earthworks is under way!

I picked up a very, VERY cheap Dragonfate Dais – so cheap and ‘resin-y’ it’s almost definitely a recast from somewhere (thanks eBay) – and decided to start building it up tonight in preparation for some skirmish games I’m hoping to get involved in sometime this year!

Even though it might be a recast the pieces are all here and they go together fine.

1. I started by cutting a large piece of 5mm Foamboard and fitting the base plate of the Dais to it. Superglue is my friend but I did throw a couple of 1mm pins in it too for sturdiness. I trimmed and hacked into the edges to show a rough hillock shape so it will blend into whatever it will be sitting on. Nothing too fancy, I quite like the sharp look, it goes well with the blocky nature of the Dais.

2. Having waited at least 30 seconds for the glue to dry I cracked on with the ‘dressing’. Blue foam was hacked, chopped and trimmed into suitable ‘block’ shapes and placed in appealing positions. I wanted them mainly around the stair section, there will be smaller rubble etc around the other areas. These blocks will hopefully tie this in with the other sections of terrain that I’ve completed. I also grabbed some handy BBQ skewers and drilled some holes to put them in – you know, just to make it a bit more ominous!


3. Then I grabbed my trusty No Nails (other brands are available!) and traced the edges of everything, mainly around the actual Dais base but also to blend a couple of rocks in to the Foamboard (notice how the positions changed slightly). This stuff is amazing, it’ll stick pretty much anything to anything (not that I’ve tried EVERYTHING) and it’s slightly malleable too so you can get basic slopes etc out of it to blend scenery into bases etc as I’ve done here.


4. After running my finger around the base to blend everything down I took a mix of PVA glue and pre-mixed filler (roughly 50/50 but as long as you can spread it with a brush) and slopped it all over, concentrating on the foam to seal it against the impending spray paints. I did a couple of passes to make sure everything was covered then gave it a blast with the trusty studio hairdryer. Once it was slightly drier I took one last load of the mix and stippled it over everything that you see is white. This gives a bit of free texture for when the drybrushing starts.


And that’s it for now! It’s currently laying in the sun so that the mix dries completely. Next steps will be rocks, debris and sand on the base. Plus a raid of the bits box to see if anything springs out to use.

Until next time, Earthworkers!





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