FEW – Dragonfate Dais – Part 2

Following on from this I’ve done a bit more work on the Dragonfate Dais terrain piece for use in any and all fantasy based gaming.

So, I was at this point when we left the step-by-step last time…


Well now we need to do a bit more ‘dressing’…


1.We started by super glueing some chunks of cork and some larger pebbles on to and around the base of the piece. Yes, you can go and source these from your garden, the beach etc but I picked up a few £1 bags on eBay from places like Macterials  and WWS on eBay.


2.Then a hefty amount of PVA (slightly watered down) was applied in stages around the entire base. I always put a whole bunch of PVA down while sanding a base as I think the PVA shrinks and pulls all of the sand and debris ‘tighter’ together (this might just be me!).

I made sure to apply sand in all the little crevasses and nooks and crannies where dust etc would gather.


3.The next part of the process was what I now call ‘over glueing’! I got this idea from RubbishInRubbishOut on Youtube – a channel I heartily recommend you subscribe to and scroll through all of Viv’s previous videos, good stuff.

Over glueing is basically a way of further adding rigidity and attaching sand/debris to a base. I take a small spray bottle of water and spritz the whole base. This will allow the glue mix to flow into all of the smaller areas. I spray enough so that the sand I’m spraying changes to a darker colour.

I then take a 50/50 mix of water/PVA and a big pipette (also from eBay for a few pence) and slowly put drops all over the sand that I’ve just glued down. Be careful not to nudge the sand as it will still be wet.


4.You’ll end up with a bit of a mess BUT leave it be and don’t fret, the PVA dries clear. As you can see in the image above it really is VERY wet. Not sure about warping on things like MDF basses etc but the foam board doesn’t seem to be affected.

There we have it, I’ll post what it looks like when dried. The over glueing basically anchors everything down, instead of only having the bottom surface glued to the base the entire grain of sand is coated in glue, as is the one next to it etc. When it dries it’s incredibly hard to dislodge the sand.

For regular updates I am on Facebook and Twitter  (both searchable with FyremaneBW) so please link and share to your heart’s content!

Until next time, Earthworkers!

Keep your brushes pointy and your paint thin!




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