FEW – Walls – Part 2

Another piece of terrain testing reaches fruition… Walls!

So this thing took about 20 minutes to make altogether. From cutting the foam to putting the tufts on it took very little time or effort. Needless to say I don’t think I’ll be buying any walls in the near future!

Altogether this cost me:

  • 1 200mm x 30mm x 10mm piece of foam cut from a 2440mm x 600mm sheet that cost £3.25 from eBay
  • A bit of a Plasticote Matt Black spray
  • Small amounts of black, white and brown paint – £1.49 per 200ml tube from B&M
  • and 20 minutes!

Not bad, so I think we’ll ramp up production to get some on the game table.

Below you can see the steps that I took, start to finish… I think the pictures are fairly self-explanatory but if you need guidance please get in contact.

Thanks all!

Keep your paint thin and your brushes pointy!



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