FEW – Dragonfate Dais – Part 4

The Dais begins to take shape – and colour! – and we can start seeing the final result evolve.

The Dais has been undercoated with a nice solid coat of black (I have a penchant for Plastikote Super Primer for this) and was left to dry. The rattle can came out a couple of times to do touch ups but it had a fairly even coverage from the get go.


Then we hit it with a white can mainly from above. This is for two reasons… 1) it’ll give definition as to where the highlights are and can be painted appropriately and 2) I’m going to be airbrushing the pool as lava – yellows, oranges and reds – so this will give a good bright outcome (hopefully!)

IMG_1880I really want the dais to be a centrepiece for the fantasy skirmish games that I’ve got planned so I’ll spend a bit more time on the painting and finishing than I did with the rock formations etc below…

…however I do want them to all hang together as a ‘set’ so I’ll repeat the colour choices and ‘dressing’ throughout.

That’s it folks, next time you’ll see paint!

Keep your paints thin and your brushes pointy!



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