FEW – Dragonfate Dais – Part 5

The Dragonfate Dais base starts to look ‘dragon-y’! After putting up a poll earlier this week a whole 11 people voted on it (massive following alert!) and it was decided that lava would be the order of the day for the pit under the Dragonfate Dais. Fitting really! So we got started…

The base of the miniature was currently like this before we started applying colors

So, quite light on the colours I hear you cry/whisper/mutter… Well, I agree. And if I ever do another one I’m probably going to go darker. Their reason for this mainly white base coat was that I had a particularly weird idea that I had about a glowing monolithic type of rock base. But that was foolish. I am but a terrain novice and should know better! So anyway… To work!

Step one was to give the base unit a good old splashy coat of a dark grey… Nothing special with the paint just my cheap as chips acrylic paint from B&M. Big brush time! As the paint went on – dark grey first – I added a small touch of Burnt Umber and progressively more white until we got to a ‘not so light grey’ that matched the rest of the terrain set base grey. Then taking a different brush, a one inch flat one I believe, I went to straight white a gave a very light dry brush to the very tops of the blocks, bricks and debris for a final highlight. Happy with that. After that it was a case of taking some of the Burnt Umber and ‘scrubbing’ it into any recesses, nooks and crannies to give a feel of dirt. The brush is ruined after this step and is reduced in duties to glue spreader.

You may notice that the pool is still white. I’ve noticed you’ve noticed. I will not insult you by telling you why the pool is still white. You all know… Right?

Step two, yellow. After a quick clean up on the white with some… Well… White. Then a burst with the airbrush loaded with yellow. Not worried about staying in the lines here. In fact I encourage you to do the same. Overspray will eventually become the warm ‘glow’. I’ve also gone lightly over some of the runes too. Mmm, glowy.

Step three, orange and reds. Basically, I freestyled this. I loaded some orange up in to the airbrush and started spraying around the edge of the pool and some of the bubbles in it. Then I repeated with the red – Bloody Red VGC I think. Nice effect, nice and simple that is.

Step four, the magic happens. Inks. I gave a liberal spray of yellow ink over the pool and surrounding areas. This really gives the effect a kick in the pants. Plus, it’s a bit glossy, adding to the effect.

This is where the white highlight that we drybrushed earlier comes into effect. Wherever the white is covered by the yellow ink it gives a nice crisp glow effect on the rocks. 

And that’s where it’s at right now. There’s still plenty to do… A bit of metal work on the spikes and skull bits, the grasses/clumps etc. Oh, and the rest of the miniature!

Keep your paint thin and your brushes pointy!



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