FEW – Dragonfate Dais – Part 6

Well, I may have skipped a few steps!

The Dragonfate Dais that we left in this condition…


Now looks like this…

And yes, as I mentioned, there may be have been a few steps missed out in the photography. This is totally the fault of the modeller! At each major step I sat back and thought ‘Damn, I need to take photos!’ and then failed to do so! But anyway…

Here’s what we did…

Firstly, The dark grey base coats on the step section and the Dais itself. Just a simple mix of black and white acrylic paint, the cheap stuff from B&M. Then I slowly added white up to a light grey. As the white was added I turned the technique from overbrushing to drybrushing. For those that don’t know the difference it’s simply the amount of paint on your brush. The lighter the paint the more you want it to sit on the tips of the brick work etc. At this stage you don’t really need to be neat… what rocks are? So, once I’d got to a match to the base I decided that pinning it all together would be easier in the long run.

This kit fits really nicely together and super glue would probably hold it up fine BUT there is a lot of pressure on the joins as it’s only the stairs holding the Dais, and it’s assorted dragons, up. So I decided to pin it together. I drilled and pinned the base of the stairs to the base itself and stuck them down with superglue gel. Gorilla Glue if you’re interested, super strong and there is an ape on the label – win/win! I also figured I’d have to support the other side of the Dais, I really don’t want it snapping during gameplay. I’m not saying my gaming buddies are heavy handed but…

I took some 2mm brass rod and found a place on the opposite side to the stairs and drilled a couple of holes – one in the underside of the Dais and one in the base. Now with the rod in place its super sturdy. A quick lick of black paint and hopefully the rod won’t be too noticeable.

At this point I decided to grab the white paint and kind of match everything together with a quick drybrush. I concentrated on the tops of each area – the dragon heads, the tops of the pillar, any raised edges – as these places would be where the light hits.

With that done I gave it a bit of a scrub with some Burnt Sienna paint to ‘dirty’ it up a touch in all the nooks and crannies.

Cracking open the airbrush (literally in this case, I’d failed to clean it 100% the last time I used it so it needed attacking with liberal amounts of brush cleaner, cotton buds and swearing) I started with spraying yellow from above to highlight all the top most areas where the fire from the columns would fall. I also added some on to the ‘landing’ of the stairs to break up the grey a little and to the circle in the centre of the Dais. I then loaded up some orange and added a little ‘glow’ to the yellow to deepen the light effect. I cleaned out the brush and poured some yellow ink and applied a liberal coat from above. This layer really gives the effect a kick in the pants I think. Plus it leaves a glossy finish which seems to ‘fit’ with the fire.

As I let that dry I quickly knocked out the flames. Using the same colours and techniques as the highlights these little fellas took about 5 minutes! They were then glued in place and I looked over to see if everything gelled together.

So now it was a simple case of adding the flock, grasses and tufts to the base and stairs to match my other terrain bits and voila! A new terrain piece is born for my fantasy terrain collection.


Thanks for reading this wall of text! Next time I’ll definitely take more pics of the process!

Keep your paints thin and your brushes pointy!



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