And now for something completely different…

Hello watchers, viewers, readers, stalkers?

As the title suggests I think there may be things afoot that will divert some attention (NOT take over) from the normal run of things on FBW.

So far I think it is fair to say the Brushworks is fit to bursting with 40k (and now 30k). I love the universe… as do the clients I have. You’ve seen over the last year or so my site full of Marines and Eldar – Flesh Tearers, Blood Angels, Craftworld and Dark Eldar even a couple of Salamanders and Dark Angels. I feel very comfortable with the GW universe of the Grim Dark.

I’m currently working on a White Scars 30k army, chipping away at all the white power armour, and I’ve had another return order for some Eldar in the new year. That’s about as much as FBW can handle army-wise!


Between all this I’ve managed to do some other stuff too – Relicblade featured highly when I had my Kickstarter set delivered.

On the back of that I needed terrain so the Fyremane Earthworks swiftly turned out some (I think) nice Fantasy terrain to game over.

So why all this re-capping I here you ask? Well, its recently been my birthday (Yay!) and I received the startings of another game system that is a total departure from all of the above. No superhuman warriors, no half-dragon clerics, no magic, no swords… It will be my first foray into semi-historical gaming…


Dead Man’s Hand! Cowboys! Rustlers! Lawmen! Ned Kelly! My game partner recently had a play through at a FLGS and was hooked, he then showed it to me and asked me to paint some Lawmen up for him (eventually) and so I was hooked! Then the birthday rolled around and I received my own set of Outlaws. Of course being an avid hoarder I went straight out to get the rulebook and the ‘Down Under’ supplement. It looks great. It looks cinematic. It looks a LOT of fun.

From my, very brief, look over the rules they have been structured to reward risk. Instead of going through a door jump through a window! Climb on to the roof and pepper the streets with hot lead! Plus all of the gun-toting varmints you can shake a stick at.

So there you are folks, expect more mustachioed Lawmen and rifle toting yella’ bellys on the Brushworks in the coming months. I’m super excited about it and it’ll be great trying to get the paint schemes right on cowboys instead of Space Marines!

Now I’m off to order the Kelly Gang box set as I’ve got to get some armour from some where!

Keep your paints thin and your brushes pointy!





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