FEW – A crumbled pillar or four

Howdy folks,

Well after completing the latest squad of White Scars I finally finished up a couple of bits that have been hanging around on my desk for a few weeks. This is the last set of ‘scatter terrain’ that I wanted to do as part of Fyremane Earthworks. I’ve got some bigger ‘one off’ stuff to do but these pillars are the last of the small, line of sight breaking stuff that I want to complete for my fantasy game boards.

Where did I start? Where I always start… Google! I was looking for something that was a little different to the blue foam rocks that a lot of people make for their tables. I made a heap too in case you hadn’t seen them…

…but I wanted something a bit different. I saw a post (apologies, I cannot find the link now) that talked about pillars. Specifically pillars that are used on wedding cakes. BANG! This mini-project came about from there. I hit eBay and found some plaster wedding cake pillars for about £4 with free p+p. Not bad. Then I hit them with the edge of a metal ruler and broke those suckers up! This is why the plaster ones are needed. They break in a realistic way and once painted up they look lovely.

So, once I had broken them up I cut out some trusty 3mm foam board for various shapes of bases and stuck them down. I definitely wanted them all to look like they are part of the same ruins so I had that in mind as I put them together.


I then added some cork bits, gravel and finally very fine sand to blend all the bits together. I then did my usual trick that I got from Viv at RubbishInRubbishOut on YouTube here. Viv uses PVA and water mix to seal his bases – the flock etc – but I use it on the sand and basing materials too. Firstly I spray water over the whole terrain piece. This allows the mixture in the following step to flow into all of the crevasses a little easier. After that I basically mix up PVA and water into a small pot and use a massive pipette (thanks eBay) to drop it on to the base. The glue/water mix then hardens around all the little grains etc and turns it freaking bombproof! Instead of the sand only being held on the bottom its enveloped in glue on all sides! Then I leave it to dry for about 24 hours (or whenever I can get back to the studio!) Once dried a black base coat is applied with a rattle can – any old black will do – Gloss, Matt etc. The following steps will cover most of it any way and I always Dullcote at the end.

And here we are… All of the pieces base coated and ready for painting. I started by mixing up some cheap black and white acrylic paint and brushing it all over. I started adding white and built the layers up gradually…

I then started using just white sparingly over the top areas and in a higher concentration on the pillars themselves. After all the black, greys and whites were dry I grabbed some equally cheap brown and gave a light drybrush in the nooks and crannies to replicate dust/grime. Then it was a simple case of flocking and adding static grass so that these piece fit together with the rest of my fantasy terrain…

Seen as I did not have any terrain as of about two months ago I’m quite proud of the kits that I’ve bashed together!

And that’s it folks! My terrain collection gains another few bits for my mini’s to cower behind!

Keep your paints thin and your brushes pointy!



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