Learning to Paint White – Part 3

I have so far completed two squads – 21 marines in total – of white power armored White Scars. This amount of models in that amount of white has changed my perspective on a few things.

Firstly, patience. A lot of patience. I was made aware, mainly by hilarious blog posts and YouTube videos, that white is one of the hardest colours to get ‘right’. Of course, ‘right’ is a matter of taste. Either way you look at it though, you paint a white army you’re going to get used to painting the same armour panels over and over and over again.

Secondly, you become ok with that. Each brush stroke is visible every time you put brush to mini. And because I have to keep it thin enough not to leave brush strokes behind you are forced to work slowly and methodically. Woe betide you if you go over a piece that isn’t quite dry. BRUSH STROKE! ARGHHHHH!

Painting white is like another level of painting, not in a technical sense – it’s still brush/paint/mini – but it makes you think more. Every part of it is just a little step up. Anything you put over the top of it, such as the reds here…

…and here…

…need to be super neat. The metallics, the stripes, the details, EVERYTHING goes on amazingly well but there is no room for error (well, there is but it would not take a great deal to dissappear into a never ending cycle of colour/white touch up if you slip). There is instant gratification of seeing a single layer going on and having to do minimal layers on top to finish it off. But it is like constantly walking a tight rope. 

If there is ever an ‘extreme’ version of miniature painting I think white will come close. I tip my hat (and brush) to the guys and girls out there that can get super smooth results on their white armies. For now, I’m taking it one brush stroke at a time. Good or bad.

Keep your (white) paint (very) thin and your brushes pointy




  1. Great post! I’m shocked at how good your painting skills are, a very good standard.

    I really like the how you’ve painted your White Scars, they look really professional
    And detailed. (I couldn’t paint my White Scars, I found my consistency on using white paint was uneven surfaces on the models 😦 ).

    Keep up the fantastic work! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! And thanks! I don’t get many replies to my posts 😞 but I love it when I do 😬. Thanks for the compliments. Like I say, white is pretty tough but practise makes (somewhere in the vicinity of) perfect! Thanks for getting in touch πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem! πŸ™‚
        Same, I don’t get much replies to my posts, but it takes time I guess. However, a few people do reply to the posts, so it’s a gratifying feeling to be noticed ☺️.

        No problem, when I noticed your post on the White Scars, I had to see the full post! πŸ™‚

        I guess it’s similar to black paint, mainly because edge highlighting for that is kinda difficult (on Space marine models). Totally agree, I practised for about 7 years to get up to my current standard of painting lol.

        Aye, thank you too for replying back 😊.


      2. Yup, black is tricky too. It’s because they’re shades. Once you get o black or white there is no where else to go shadow or highlight wise respectively. You have to trick eyes into thinking there are subtle shades of what effectively should have no subtle shades! Hence going mental with thin paint and a hundred layers!

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      3. I see, I tend to use black and white paints as base coats, but not as the main colours on the models. I wouldn’t cope with painting black armour highlights for a Deathwatch marine, nor white Bio bone for Tyranids πŸ˜….


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