Update – The end of the year is nigh!

Hello watchers, stalkers, viewers, whatevers…!

I seem to be pretty patchy with the updates for this dear old site but I’m with you all in spirit. Every time I sit and think about an update I glance at the ‘to paint’ pile and put down the iPad and pick up a paint brush! (As it should be for a commission painter!)

So… as the title says – the end of the year is nigh! This year has flown by with one thing and another – family, work etc – but the Brushworks has continued ticking over. I’m super happy with progress for the most part. According to my tally on the Guerrilla Miniature Games 2016 Hobby Resolutions Facebook Group, which I update after each mini/squad is completed, I’m currently on 185 miniatures for the year. Not too shabby.

The bulk of these miniatures have been commissions (obviously) a large force of Eldar followed by an army of Blood Angels and then the White Scars that are currently moving slowly across to the ‘done’ shelf. Each of these projects had a steep learning curve in one way or another. The Eldar, oh the Eldar, edge highlights were the key. Because of the high contrast nature of the highlights there was nowhere to hide on these. I must have done something right as the client has commissioned a new bunch of Eldar for the new year! More on that later.

Then the Blood Angels with the deep reds.

And then the White Scars… see my previous posts here, here and here for how that’s going!

And in amongst all that, various other smaller project come and go… Relicblade landed from Kickstarter, Dead Man’s Hand posse’s have been started and a whole bunch of terrain has been done for game nights. Phew!

And going forward?

  • Well the rest of the year will be full White Scar mode. Probably into the new year too. The client has whispered (actually not whispered, flat-out told me) that there will be more of the Khan’s sons to come in the future.
  • As I mentioned before, the hateful and enigmatic xenos will return in the form of another big force of Eldar. More of that light blue edge highlighting to come!
  • ANOTHER Relicblade Kickstarter is coming to a close this week and there is a bunch of miniatures in that to swell the Brushworks’ collection.
  • I’ve just received the Walking Dead Miniatures Game – All Out War Kickstarter too which I’m toying with the idea of painting up. But that’s about 50 mini’s in itself so should be some time around 2031 for finishing that! But then I said the same thing about Zombicide Black Plague too!
  • The studio Dark Angel force lingers in my periphery unopened and unloved. The Betrayal at Calth set gathers dust! I’d like to think I could tinker with Caliban’s sons at some point in 2017!
  • I think I’ll set some ‘mini-goals’ for 2017 – instead of ‘I’ll paint up Space Hulk’ I might try something like ‘I’ll re-base the Terminators’. That might help!

2016 has been a really busy year. However I do feel like I’m gathering momentum and my painting is getting some really nice feedback from various people – I even won a Best Painted Army (for the Eldar) – at a tournament that a client took part in!

I’d love for more feedback, comments and critiques from all and sundry. Please feel free to share my details, website address, facebook page link to everyone you know.

I want 2017 to be a year of reaching out into the wargaming community. I do paint in isolation for the most part and social media is incredibly important for me to keep in touch with everyone and find new sources of inspiration and friendship. I’ve already gained a few new friends in my life through painting toy soldiers and I look forward to meeting many more! I’m even aiming to get to Warhammer World and Salute in 2017, I might see you there!

Anyway, back to the paint table!

Keep your paints thin and your brushes pointy!



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