FEW – Hey there sports fans! – Blood Bowl Part 1

I have a confession to make. A confession that will probably ring true with every wargamer, hobbyist or even a casual model maker. There is far too much cool stuff in the world to ignore. Too much plastic, resin, foam and glue to leave well alone.

I was quite happily tooling along building and painting my commissions. Slumped over my desk night after night (how very Dickensian, I’ll be telling you I was working by candle light next), working by candle light perfectly happy in my paint filled bubble.

And then I was side swiped. A remembrance of my past hit me square between the eyes… Thanks Games Workshop…


FREAKING BLOOD BOWL! There was whispers. Ages ago there was whispers. The Specialist Games Team was re-forming. There were games from the past that are re-emerging. Mordheim. Necromunda. Battefleet Gothic. I’d never got into those games as a kid/teen. I think I had just missed the popularity wave by the time I got into GW proper (Although… having watched a crap tonne of Ash Barker’s channel Guerilla Miniature Games like this one, I am sorely tempted to get into Mordheim especially). BUT Blood Bowl. I remember Blood Bowl. I HAD Blood Bowl. I think it was third edition.And it was cool. WAY cool. Sweet mini’s. Templates. Custom dice. Man, I remember that.

Then I sold it. Bad times. I sold it as I hadn’t played it for ages. Like a decade or more. Truth be told I only played it a handful of times, maybe a few handfuls. But I remember skipping Griff Oberwald through an orc lines to run into free space behind, I remember Morg n’ Thorg braining multiple opponents but I especially remember throwing a goblin who was holding a ball into the opponents end-zone to win a game. I remember BB for those little pieces if coolness that happened in a game. It was like getting the highlights of the highlights.

So, now its 2016 and Blood Bowl is coming back around. I’ve pre-ordered and it should be with me in a couple of weeks. I am terribly excited.

And then it got me thinking. My old set was severely under painted. I think the humans were in fact paint free. Even the Star Players has avoided my tatty Humbrol brushes ministrations. Then I really took a look at the sculpts of the new miniatures. Now they deserve a paint job (especially the incoming Dwarves). You may be wondering why I’m talking about painting miniatures in my terrain building post. Well dear friends, watchers and subscribers… I’m going to build me a Blood Bowl pitch for all these shiny new miniatures!

Here’s my plan… well a written sketch if you will. I’ve seen a couple of tutorials online about making a BB pitch like this one and this one. I like them both, the Viking one is insane. For mine I think I’m going to stick to a few main points…

  • Function over form – while the Viking stadium is impressive but maybe a little over the top for my needs
  • I’m still going to use all the templates from the new game so I don’t need to incorporate them into the board itself like I gave seen in the past
  • It needs to damage the mini’s as little as possible. I know that you have to lay down the miniatures all the time. If I had a sand covered board it might get a bit ‘chippy’ on the paint work!
  • Value for money – Hirst Art blocks are amazing BUT expensive!
  • I don’t need it to fold up or be contained in a box. I have a studio and I’d quite like to hang it on the wall.
  • I think I want it more ‘dungeon bowl’ than a perfect grass pitch

Where do we go from here? Sketches! Here’s what I’ve come up with…


This might not look like much but it’s enough for me to get a kernel of an idea. To you it might look like nothing. To me it looks like 30mm square MDF bases with the corners trimmed, mounted on a wooden base with a surround of PVA and sand in the gaps. And pinheads to denote the corners of a space. Therefore if you lay a model down it’ll hopefully lay on the slightly raised, and smoother, MDF than the rough sand. This’ll obviously all be painted up and have grass tufts and flock in strategic places.

So there you have it. The next project on the block. This won’t be a quick job, I’ll probably have the game for quite some time before the pitch is ready! But we all need a project right? Even if that project is one of many!

Keep your paints thin and your brushes pointy!





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