Blimey, Blood Bowl IS popular!

Greetings watchers, viewers and sideline dwellers,

Been quite the week, hobby wise.

I am a member of a Facebook group started by Ash Barker of Guerrilla Miniature Game fame called the 2016 Hobby Resolution Group. I joined in the early hours of the 1st January as small children and massive parties on New Year don’t seem to mix in my house! Anyway, I joined the group and have been fairly active ever since. I post up my ongoing miniature total for the year and also pictures of miniatures as I finish painting them. As of now, 2016 has seen 203 miniatures leave the studio. I’m proud of my total. Sure, only a handful are strictly my miniatures. Relicblade, a few cowboys for Dead Man’s Hand (which we STILL haven’t been able to get to play… yet) etc etc. The bulk of my productivity has, and should remain, commission work for clients. That is after all why I have my studio, spend ludicrous amounts of money on tiny tools and why my wife endures the ‘we’ve just got to pop to get more paint’ conversation more than once a month.

203 in a good solid total. Not the most – Ash himself is an animal, a painting machine, over 400 odd and counting! – but not the least either. I’m glad I’ve got that many in the bag.

I tell you this for a reason. In my post from that cold January morning I stated that I ‘shall buy less miniatures than I paint.’

I’m such a liar.

This year I have bought the following…

The Horus Heresy – Betrayal at Calth (38 miniatures)
Last Night on Earth (22 miniatures)
Zombicide – Black Plague (71 miniatures!)
The Walking Dead:All Out War Kickstarter Edition (Lots!)

…and on, and on, and on.

I’m sure we’ve all done it. So, lets face it. The resoulution is dead. Buried under a small mountain of grey plastic. And I thought to myself,

‘This is ridiculous Simon, you should be able to curb this.’ And so I did. I limited myself, I stopped myself.

And then Blood Bowl came out.

With a further 24 miniatures (plus rulers, markers etc that all deserve a paint job).

And I bought it.

And I love it.

And I have no regrets. The game is basically the same game from all those years ago but the miniatures are awesome. So so good. Some people are saying they look a bit static etc but I fell in love with those blue and green lovelies as soon as I saw them! So I cracked it open and in between ‘serious painting’ I put the teams together. The Ochness Monstars – the human underdogs from a small town that want to get to the big leagues. The Greenskin Attackas – they want to break all bones at least once. Then I realised that you only get two blitzers in the box. Well this wont do. I want four. The optimum is four! So I hit up a BB Trade group on Facebook and bought another human team. Another 12 miniatures (add it to the running total). So now I have a full squad plus several lineman reserves. But the orcs have NO extras. Well this isn’t fair is it?! BUT (and I’m quite proud of myself here) I’m going to paint up a couple of the human linemen as proxies for the orcs team – call them traitors/turncoats or whatever – I’m probably not going to go to a league oiwth them so I don’t mind about proxies. I’ll give them a few orc-y armour plates and spikes to make them fit in.

Anyway, this also brings me on to these…

These are my modified turn markers and my ‘counts as’ cheerleader for the human team (a Gryph Hound from AoS). I painted all of these in between coats of white on the White Scar power armour that I currently have on my desk.

I painted them to look cool standing by the side of my board as I got my head smashed in by better players.

But then I posted them on the BB Community board on Facebook. And people REALLY like them. I’m utterly blown away. It’s the most likes I’ve got on anything! Especially the turn markers! I love that people are talking about copying the idea of standing them on their edge.

This is what I remember about Blood Bowl. The anarchy and community walking hand in hand. People are sticklers for the rules of Blood Bowl – as they should be, any game is only as good as the rule set – but there is also the ‘tinkering’ that one can do within those rules. This may have come about due to the fact that Games Workshop kind of forget about Blood Bowl for a while so a lot of third party suppliers started coming out with teams and dice etc. These Facebook groups are truly inspiring for all – from the 20 year vet to the ‘just picked up a set in GW’ guys and girls. Everyone coming together to share inspiration.

So if anyone fancies a game and seeing these in the flesh my dugout is overflowing with miniatures with which we can game!

Actually come to think of it my studio is the same. And various cupboards in the house.

I think my new New Years Resolution should be to progress on a ‘one in one out’ policy.

Who am I kidding! There are Blood Bowl supplements coming I here

Thanks for reading to the end

Keep your paint thin and your brushes pointy!



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