Happy New Year! Plus a finished commission…

Good morning watchers, stalkers, fans and friends,

I hope you have all recovered from the transition from 2016 to 2017 and are happy and prosperous in the new year!

I decided to pretty much fall off the radar for the holidays and didn’t even get back to the studio until January. It was a time of recharging and actually playing a few games instead of painting the miniatures for them! It also gave me a chance to think about the new year and what I want to achieve hobby wise in 2017. Following on from my previous post here you’ll no doubt know that I am going to be scaling back the commission side of my painting and concentrating on my own projects for the foreseeable future. I’m ok with this, I feel like I’ve really produced some good work and I’ve had great feedback from the clients and from various Twitter and Facebook outlets.

But where does that leave the Brushworks now?

Well, for starters I do have a couple of commissions to wrap up in the first instance. The White Scars are nearing completion… as it stands I have 2 Sicarians, 10 Outriders and some Scimitar riders to finish up. Then there is a big Eldar order to do. Highlights would be another Warp Hunter and 30 Warp Spiders! Plus some Forgeworld stuff. So that’s something to look forward to! I also have an order in the ‘to do’ cupboard for a whole bunch of Orcs for a D+D client. A completely different type of order so that’ll be fun too.

And once those are complete? Well… I updated my white board:

To do list

The commissions are on the left and the plan is on the right.

From the top…

  • Blood Bowl – Humans
  • Blood Bowl – Orcs
  • Blood Bowl – Renegades
  • Complete the new Relicblade Kickstarter stuff when it arrives
  • Rebase and paint the Blood Angel Terminators from Space Hulk
  • Complete a set of Deathwing Terminators for use in Space Hulk
  • Paint Genestealers to use in Space Hulk
  • Dead Man’s Hand – Renegades
  • Dead Man’s Hand – Outlaws
  • Dead Man’s Hand – Rebase buildings
  • Lava terrain for newly purchased F.A.T mat
  • Zombicide: Black Plague minis to a game standard (monochrome)

And I think that’ll do us for now. I have MUCH more than that in my cupboard… A huge collection of Dark Angels that stare at me constantly with disdain at the lack of painting, a Nurgle Forgeworld Dreadnought that I’ve had for years and heaps of other stuff. But the list above it what I really want to get done for different reasons. Reasons that are mainly to do with gaming. I made a resolution (more of a promise really) that I wanted to play more games this year. I’m not a massive fan of playing with unpainted miniatures so I really want to get these done to complete the experience. Especially the Blood Bowl and Space Hulk stuff. It’s quite jarring playing SH on the lavishly painted tiles with unpainted minis.

All of the Relicblade stuff is there so that we can continue playing this amazing game as it is meant to be played and the lava terrain will feed into this.

Plus, who doesn’t like cowboys! The Dead Man’s Hand stuff is to bring that to a game table at a local club to really get to grip with what look like an amazing game.

And that’s it, I’ve uploaded this list into the Guerrilla Miniatures Games 2017 Hobby Resolutions page to keep myself on track for the year. I painted 209 miniatures last year. That was a lot of commission work though so I’m thinking I may not get that high this year. We’ll see what happens!

On another note, this happened…


In between all the white power armour of the White Scars I was chipping away at this group for another D+D type client. Finishing this order kind of crept up on me! I’m super happy with the results, the high contrast spot colours I used really seem to make them pop!

And that’s it friends, my plan for 2017. Hopefully you’ll stick around to see what happens! Share with your friends if they’d be interested, subscribe if you are!

Keep your paints thin and your brushes pointy!





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