White Scars roll out… Eldar move in!

So after many months of staring at white power armour the sons of the Khan are completed and boxed up ready to go.

This job has been an eye-opening experience on a number of fronts. I no particular order we’ve learned…

  • Painting and entire Space Marine army is pretty freaking massive.
  • Getting that army to look coherent throughout it also pretty massive.
  • Painting White Scar tribal markings is surprisingly relaxing.
  • Painting white armour is not.

The painting of the white armour was the trickiest. A steep learning curve to be sure but Karl, the owner of these here mini’s, was very understanding as I muddled my way through! When we hit on a recipe and method that a) looked cool b) was easily transferred across all kinds of miniatures. Sure, it takes a loooong time to complete with all of the layering but I think in the end it worked out pretty nice. Karl didn’t want a pristine white but also not the severely battle damaged version that you can sometimes see. So, here’s what we came up with…

  1. Undercoat the mini with standard White Primer – I used either Vallejo for the infantry sized stuff and Humbrol Acrylic Matt White out of a can for bigger stuff.
  2. I then went back to the airbrush and, pretty much from directly beneath the miniature, applied a thin coat of Stonewall Grey from Vallejo. This is to represent the ‘lighter’ shadows and can be applied pretty much everywhere on the lower half of the miniatures parts.
  3. I then loaded some Cold Grey (also Vallejo) and sprayed the same areas but in a more controlled manner. Only hitting the miniature in the recesses and darker places.
  4. Over spray on to the lighter areas isn’t the end of the world as I then went on to load Dead White and hit the miniature in two or three thin coats directly from above. This works as a blending layer between the top and bottom.
  5. After this I coated the entire mini with Vallejo’s Gloss Varnish, also from the airbrush. This will save the paint for the next stage.
  6. Oil wash/pin wash (whatever you want to call it!) was next. I take some standard Windsor and Newton black oil paint and thin heavily with thinners. Simply touching the tip of a small brush to a recess will allow the paint to flow over the gloss varnish, effectively shading itself!
  7. After a day of drying a coat of matt varnish, normally Testors Dullcote, is applied to protect the further painting stages.
  8. Then its a ‘simple’ case of working around the edges of the armour plates with thinned Dead White. I use the Game Air version as it’s pre-thinned anyway. You only need about a million layers to get it just right 🙂
  9. If needed I also took some Ceramite White to corners etc as the pigment content was higher and gives a ‘sharp’ look.

Overall, I’m more than happy with how these dudes have turned out. I’ve had some amazing feedback from Karl and from various Facebook groups that I’ve posted them on.

The red markings turned out nice too. I have been asked how I come up with the designs and I had to reply… ‘I made it up!’. I did take some inspiration from some old photos I found of WWI and WWII battleships and tanks that had a bit of ‘razzle dazzle’. Like these…

A layer of watered down Mephiston Red was used to mark out the basic pattern. After it looked good I solidified the red and washed it with Carroberg Crimson. Starting with Mephiston Red again I worked through Evil Sunz Scarlet, added a small amount of Troll Slayer and Yriel Yellow until a very small highlight of almost pure Ceramite White with a touch of yellow on the very edges. I wanted to give them a ‘tribal’ feel, like they’d painted them themselves. I like it!

So that’s it, a commission ends. I have learned more stuff in the last few months than I have in a long time! It’ll be both a shame to not have these guys looking over my shoulder but also a bit of a blessing that the white power armour saga is over!

I’ve had a blast painting these. Karl has mentioned that he might want the Forgeworld version of Jaghatai (when he’s released) painting up so I might have some more white in the future to do!

So, where do we go from here? Well, we go back to the Craftworld! I’ve been asked to complete a second order of Eldar following a job that was completed last year. Let’s take a look at those…

And the new order is almost as big! The list consists of…

  • 1 Eldrad Ulthuan
  • 5 Rangers
  • 4 War Walkers
  • 2 Wave Serpents
  • 1 Warp Hunter
  • 1 Wraithseer
  • 30 (yes, 30!) Warp Spiders
  • 3 Support Platforms
  • 6 Windriders

There are a couple of exciting things in here… Eldrad and the Wraithseer especially. But I’m also looking forward to the War Walkers. They’re so (literally) alien to anything I’ve done before it’ll be good to tackle them! Plus who doesn’t want to see 30 Warp Spiders lined up! Exciting stuff…


Thanks all, I appreciate that you got all this way down!

Keep your paints thin and your brushes pointy!



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