FEW – Relicblade Terrain

It has been a while since the Brushworks has been the Earthworks. Commissions have been leaving the studio and the terrain part had taken a back seat. But now, with the new Relicblade Kickstarter materials flying their way over the ocean, the terrain needs a bit of an update.

So for starters I wanted to get a new mat to play on. And then – as if by magic – it would appear that the FAT mats made by Frontline Gaming were on special. I picked up a lava themed 4×4 mat for the price of a 3×3.

So I had my theme laid out – Lava. I had already have mats and scenery in a woodland/fantasy theme with rocky scatter terrain so I think I’ll avoid that this time. I saw a little while ago someone (I apologize that I can’t remember who posted it or where I saw it) had made a table with monoliths. Big chunky bits of scenery that had great line of sight blocking properties. The mat that I have would suit this kind of scenery to a tee.

I started carving out some monoliths (just out of some blue foam that I had from another project) and they looked fine. But then I thought I could do with a centrepiece. A centrepiece that I can build the rest of the terrain set around. I also had a load of Games Workshop scenery laying about that I wanted to incorporate because, as its GW they’re covered in skulls. And who doesn’t love skulls and lava?!

So I started carving and tossing some pieces together…

…not bad. I like the cave under the plateau. The monoliths (that I mentioned earlier) will continue from this piece into the rest of the collection. I then broke out the sand and PVA and had at it. This first layer of sand will be added to with a second layer and then sealed with a watered down mix of water and more PVA. This is going to be a gaming piece so it needs to be tough!

I was happy with the castle, I was set to attach it to the hilltop and then I saw the pile of other scenery from GW. I will make this thing modular. It can be the aforementioned castle, a nasty little well, a blood-soaked altar or giant throne or even a bare hilltop.

The only thing that will require more than a lick of paint is the well. This piece is actually the base of the Balewind Vortex that I drilled the column out of. I want to eventually fill it with a liquid medium or epoxy so that means that I needed to seal the hole.

After a bit of a think I remembered that I had some acetates sitting around. Hopefully that’ll do nicely…

…we’ll see how it holds together when the epoxy hits it!

And that’s it, the newest Fyremane Earthworks project is underway. Now I’ve got some Eldar to be finishing!

Keep your paints thin and your brushes pointy!




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