Relicblade at FBW – Part 1

It’s no secret that I am a BIG fan of Metal King Studio’s Relicblade. The reasons for this are many and varied. From the amazing sculpts of the miniatures, the easy to pick up rules and the enthusiasm of both the creator Sean Sutter and the little community we are currently cultivating on Facebook, Patreon and other social media outlets. There are a bunch of other very talented and hyped people all over this just like me!

So I thought I’d take a step back and have a bit of a deep dive into what the Brushworks has achieved regarding Relicblade. I’ll take a look at each release that I’ve received so far plus take a look at the terrain and scenery the Earthworks has created as well as talking a little about gameplay with a battle report or two!

Firstly, the miniatures…

We’ll start with Wave 1 from the first Kickstarter. This set was centred around a two-player Battle box set that came with all the bits and pieces you need to get the game going on your table. I, being me, also opted for a few extras. The Dark Watcher and Wanderer plus a few extra pigs to give me options on builds etc. I also got the exclusive Relic miniature in the box too!

First up, the Questing Knights. I got two because why wouldn’t you?! These are very handy in-game with being super-tough but the models themselves are full of character.

Sean mentioned that these guys are incredibly weighed down by armour and sword. The design shows that beautifully. You can imagine anywhere this guy goes it’s a slog at best and soul-destroying at worst!

And with the Knights come support in the form of a Cleric… but not a ‘normal’ Cleric, a dragon Cleric of Justice! She comes with a Spirit Weapon, a magic hammer that can be used independently of the Cleric herself.

The other main hero from the starter set is the Wild Elf Druid… and her other form, a FREAKING CAVE BEAR. This thing wrecks Pigs with its multiple attacks.

And last, but not least, of the Starter Set Heroes is the Thief. She’s super quick in-game and the sculpt reflects this. I love the smoke bomb she’s rocking in her hand.


It’s not all Heroes in the starter set though. The Path of the Adversary is well represented by this block of porcine muscle. As part of the Kickstarter I opted to get a few more pigs than standard, because who doesn’t like options!

That is all the miniatures that you receive in the two player Starter Set for Relicblade (plus a few extra pigs!). As mentioned, as part of my Kickstarter Pledge I also opted for a few extras. I’ll get on to these extras in my next post. I really want to present Sean’s stuff as it deserves to be. I’ll be taking my time and making sure that the miniatures he’s created get the attention they deserve.

The next post will cover the Dark Watcher and Dark Wanderer – powerhouses of doom!

Keep your paints thin and your brushes pointy!






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