Relicblade at FBW – Part 2

Well, hasn’t it been a long, long time since my last update! Following on from my previous post this instalment I wanted to have a look at the heroes from the Path of the Adversary.

As any good warmonger will tell you a General is key, handily the Adversary faction has two! So we’ll start with the Dark Wanderer. Armed with a mace and a shard of something terrible he’s menaces all about him. In the ranged warfare camp is the Dark Watcher, his bow a constant threat on any battlefield.

There was also a sneaky lizard in amongst all of this… sneaky Synvar

And, as its been such a long time in coming, this update will actually come AFTER a Kickstarter release from Sean at Metal King Studios. In this Kickstarter two brand new factions were released – the Lone Guard and the Deep. I instantly fell in love with both. The ‘goodies’ have a classic adventurers look (and a freaking Sabretooth!).

The Deep monsters were exactly that – monstrous! The Shark Warrior is probably my favourite of the two but the Eel Sorcerer is a close second!

So, that’ll do for the time being, there is (at the time of writing) ANOTHER Relicblade Kickstarter running that I’m 100% going to get involved in so expect more awesome from Sean at soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

Keep your paints thin and your brushes pointy!





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