FEW – Fantasy Terrain

Two posts in a month? Who’d have thought!

This one concerns terrain that the Earthworks has put together in the last 12-18 months. I only tell you this as I’m a little bit proud of it all!

You would, had you read some of my previous posts, seen some of this before…

…my first foray into terrain building and painting. There is a lot of blue foam involved plus modifying slightly the GW piece above. I loved putting this all together. Plus it gives the games I play a much more immersive feel.

So I made more. I got my hands on a lava mat cheaply from Frontline Games and thought that it definitely needed its own set of monolithic terrain to fight over. So I came up with this…

I was super chuffed with this. It fills a table and makes games of Relicblade or Frostgrave VERY claustrophobic.

Then came a Kickstarter from Firedragon Games that included texture stamped blue foam and great metal and resin parts to decorate. I’ve recently got into Frostgrave (which will be the subject of my next post) and needed some ruins, something to represent the ruined city of Feldstad. I’d obviously made a lot of crumbling walls etc that you can see above but I wanted some actual walls for line of sight breaking etc and the Firedragon stuff fit the bill perfectly!

So, now I had the basis for a great looking table but no real centrepiece… until I saw a Widgets and Wonders by Ash over at Guerrilla Miniature Games featuring Homebrewed Worlds. This gave me the impetus to put my own building together. I think it turned out rather nice!

So, overall I’m pretty stoked with how much I’ve completed over the past year or so. I think going forward there will be more of the scenario specific terrain built for Relicblade and Frostgrave etc BUT I do want to use some more Firedragon stuff in the near future so we’ll see!


Keep your paints thin and your brushes pointy!




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